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1.7.10 ASM Local Variables Post Runtime Deobfuscation


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I'm stumped. I currently began a re-write of my mod to remove as much version dependency as possible. This involved switching from Notch names to Srg names and switching my @IFMLLoadingPlugin.SortingIndex() from 100 to 1001 to run all changes post runtime deobfuscation. This worked perfectly well, but once I went on to testing out an idea for finding a LocalVariableNode's index based on it's name/desc I ran into something I don't quite understand.


public void setIsSpawningFromSpawnerTrue(MethodNode method)
	BnBTweaks.Log.info("Printing " + method.localVariables.size() + " LocalVariableNodes in: " + method.name);
	for (LocalVariableNode lvNode : method.localVariables)
		BnBTweaks.Log.info(lvNode.name + " " + lvNode.desc + " " + lvNode.index + " " + lvNode.signature);


Above is a code snippet I wrote to get some information about local variables within the current method that I could use to write a method for finding the local variable indexs. Back when I was running pre runtime obfuscation, this would've printed out everything quite nicely for me. Now that I'm running post though, it seems that method.localVariables.size() is 0, and therefore I can get no information.

[11:27:52] [server thread/INFO] [bnBTweaks/]: Printing 0 LocalVariableNodes in: func_98278_g


Why might this be?

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Haha, of course! As usual, the thing I got stuck on was obvious from outside the cloud of frustration :P. Wish I had thought to check the thread again before deleting literally everything and re-downloading to be sure it wasn't a corruption issue :P.


Now to just think of some other way to verify variables are correctly targeted (without using a second transformer :P). Can't think of a different approach yet though....


I feel properly dumb now :D. Many thank yous diesieben07!

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