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Several questions about custom renderer


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I have a few questions and I hope someone will know the answers to this one ;-)


Do custom renderers get included in the display list of a chunk?


I know MC uses a display list per chunk to render stuff and that this display list only gets updated upon a modified/placed block.

Now im looking to optimise my custom block so it wont eat up too much fps by pushing so many instructions and such. Thats why I'm wondering if custom tileentity renderes get included into the display list. I'm extending TileEntitySpecialRenderer and of course registered the renderer ;-)

StuffLoader.voidBlockRI = RenderingRegistry.getNextAvailableRenderId();

this.registerBlockRenderer((ISimpleBlockRenderingHandler)new BlockVoidRenderer());

this.registerTileEntitySpecialRenderer(TileBlockVoid.class, new TileVoidBlockRenderer(0));


If they are not included, is there an option to have them included? if so, how do I do that?


Making sure the textures get rendered properly


When I move my camera fast on a pretty low fps machine it is as if the custom renderer cant keep up with the fast moving pace and renders the block a few pixels from where it should be. normal vanilla blocks dont have this issue. I am assuming its because the custom renderer isnt included in the display list. is there a way to fix it except "get a better pc"?


Would using the tesselator being better?


At the moment i'm kinda rendering my custom block along the lines the following tutorial, it's almost the same really except the shape is differnt.


Would using the tesselator provide better experience for fps/fast rendering updates?


One renderer or multiple?


The blocks i'm rendering are pretty static but can change state depending a user interaction. Would it be better to have different renderers based on state or is just using a singe renderer with a switch statement good enough?

What would be "best practice"



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