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[1.8] command blocks in custom maps are not working. ¿why


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im afrait to ask this silly cuestion but

but curisity wins over fear


and doing  a mod whith lots of thinks  and plnaing to do a map using the elements of the mod

but notice that in the others map i download and play in my 1.8 game (not forge but normal minecraft)


the comand blocks dont work and wen i look into dem they are empty.


for example there is this

The Mystery of Gliston v1.2

you start the game inside a cabin at the front  door outside the house there is a swich that must send you to the begining of the map but the swicht don't work


the same goes whith five nigths at freddy house  map swichs dont work


today i try http://www.bad website is bad.net/thief-craft-puzzle-map/

you start in a walled yard filled whith presure plates wired to commands blocks and dont work so you get stuck there

then I set to creative mode and check the command bloks and they are empty

but not all of them




1.8 is a version im not playing to much to say but im moding for this soo my teories list is filled whith


1) you must cast some kind of command or set option to commands blocks work wen you wanna play a map and im not aware of this requiriment


2)some shitty bug in minecraft clean commands in command blocks


3)moders are not doing their work



what you think ?

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