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[1.7.10] How does one activate Minecraft shaders? (vanilla ones)

Comrade Bearabyte

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Hello everyone,


I'd like to activate a certain Minecraft shader from "super secret settings" when an item is used, specifically the one named "wobble". Now, I have an item set up and everything, and I overrid the "onItemUse" method (is this the way to do it, BTW?) but I have no idea how to start the shader. I've been looking around the minecraft Shader classes (ShaderManager, ShaderLoader, ...) for a long time but can't seem to figure out how to do this.




PS: I don't expect a full code or anything similar, just general pointers on how to work with Minecraft shaders, because I'm not at all new to programming, however I am new to modding Minecraft

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Thanks shieldbug, that is indeed changing the shaders. Sorry for the late reply. I now have this code in the item use method:




However I am getting an exception, "No OpenGL context found in the current thread.". Which is kind of expected because OpenGL contexts are thread-specific and when one thread uses the context another one cannot. I am assuming for that reason that the GUI thread owns the OpenGL context and that item use method is in a different thread which does not have it. Is there a way to activate the shader from this thread, or is there some other way around this?

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Where did you call that method?


In my item class which is the subclass of Item, I overrid the "onItemRightClick" method:



public ItemStack onItemRightClick(ItemStack p_77659_1_, World p_77659_2_, EntityPlayer p_77659_3_)




return p_77659_1_;


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onItemRightClick is called on both server & client, you cannot interact with client-code directly in there. Check that the world is a client world (world.isRemote is true) and then call a method in your proxy (@SidedProxy) that then activates the shader.


Thanks, that fixed it! It's working now, and this is how I currently get wobble:


while(Minecraft.getMinecraft().entityRenderer.isShaderActive() ? !(Minecraft.getMinecraft().entityRenderer.getShaderGroup().getShaderGroupName().equals("minecraft:shaders/post/wobble.json")) : true)



Basicly it cycles through all the shaders until it finds "wobble", is there maybe a certain method for getting a specific one or is this the way to go?

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