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[1.8][Solved] Creative tab items do not show up in custom tab


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Using Forge 1.8- (Beta)

Ive tried making my own class which extends CreativeTabs as it gives me an error "Cannot instantiate the type CreativeTabs" if i try it the normal way.

This is that class:

public class MbmCreativeTab extends CreativeTabs{

private Item tabIcon;

public MbmCreativeTab(String label) {
	super(CreativeTabs.getNextID(), label.toLowerCase());
	// TODO Auto-generated constructor stub

public MbmCreativeTab SetTabIconItem(Item icon){
	return this;
    public Item getTabIconItem()
        return tabIcon;


So in a separate reference (ModCreativeTabs)file I use this

public static final MbmCreativeTab MBM_TAB = new MbmCreativeTab(Reference.MBMTAB_NAME).SetTabIconItem(ModItems.hammer);

Which makes a tab appear in creative on the second page as expected.

I thought that all I had to do with items was call within each item class


to make items appear in that creativeTab yet the only item that appears in it is a block.

The items DO appear when I put them in the regular CreativeTabs.tabMisc so I am confused why it won't work.

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You don't need to have the creative tabs in the main mod file it's just that all you need to get a creative tab is

 public static final CreativeTabs TEST_TAB = new CreativeTabs(MOD_ID+"test") {//best to have mod id in name so that it is YOUR tab
        public Item getTabIconItem() {
            return item //returns item or block you want as the icon though for block you need  to use Item.getItemFromBlock(block)

        public String getTranslatedTabLabel() {
            return "test tab"; //name of the tab you want to display when hovering

and you should have a creative tab and you don't need to extend CreativeTabs

Did you really need to know?

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Ty Voltab that fixed it, didn't think I could directly make a new CreativeTabs.

Also your answer is still in 1.7 syntax as the new CreativeTabs requires an int too and the getTranslatedTabLabel() isn't needed as long as you have the itemGroup.*name*=bla in your lang file

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