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  1. that without the extra brackets is the 1.12.2 branch
  2. In the 1.12.2 branch MeshDefinitionFix is gone as it was a fix for lambda's not working that is only difference I can see
  3. It needs to be RegistryEvent.Register not just the base class more info https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/concepts/registries/
  4. Your issue is in your Provider https://github.com/Oeku/RPG-Mod/blob/master/src/main/java/net/zeldadungeons/capability/CapabilityProvider.java as you don't check if the capability is of the same type but just cast to it without any checks
  5. unless you have the items/ in your registry name it shouldn't be there
  6. the version of the mod you are using is for a later version of minecraft as capabilities weren't added until 1.8.9 and a btw a quick search for custom npc showed a 1.12.2 version so update Edit: And yes 1.7.10 is not supported on this forum
  7. 1.7.10 is not supported on this forum update To answer a mod is using global id's and has used them all up
  8. That is weird considering that I just created a json file in my recipes folder and then just dropped in your code and made the changes to the type The code { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ " ", " O ", "OOO" ], "key": { "O": { "item": "minecraft:obsidian" } }, "result": { "item": "minecraft:diamond_block", "count": 1 } }
  9. change "crafting_shaped" to "minecraft:crafting_shaped" seems to work for me
  10. Recipes will show up in the recipe book only under certain conditions (assuming you have the recipe) 1. All mod recipes if you use a custom creative tab will show under the miscellaneous tab 2. If recipe can be crafted the player crafting gird(2x2 or smaller) than you can see it when looking in from the player inventory if it is larger than it will only show up when you are looking at the crafting table
  11. Jjust below create new world button there is a button called re-create world which regens with world with the same seed and generator settings Side note if mods are reseting your spawnpoint something is wrong with those mods
  12. 1) Your reflection is broken you need to add the srg names as well. The findMethod you are using is deprecated and switching to the other one will make it compile. I believe that the problem is the null instance 2) All the other errors are that you are not implementing things in the classes. You need to implement the missing methods. Once these things are fixed it compiles
  13. You need to either register the event in preinit or annotate the class with @Mod.EventBusSubscriber
  14. It is almost worth you just redoing everything in 1.12.1 keep the same ideas but just work in the most recent version
  15. From what I just tested yes translation does work
  16. 1.7.10 is not supported on this forum update
  17. Translation only happens on the client. What is most likely happening is that the mods in question are hard coding the strings they output instead of translating it
  18. 1) 1.7.10 is not supported on this forum. Update 2) The client lies - do all your logic and storage of data on the server
  19. Yeah couldn't remember completely if the event was on the server but generally what you do in the event is not
  20. Your register items isn't static. also this will crash on a dedicated server as ModelRegistryEvent is only on the client
  21. You aren't giving forge enough ram. Forge recommends giving minecraft 4g and you are only giving it 1g
  22. From what I just looked at in the code there doesn't seem to be anyway but by changing the team if the entity isn't your own
  23. Please make your own topic and what version you are on because no where in your repository does it have anything on the version of Minecraft you are using
  24. You are misunderstanding the role of game directory. The purpose of the game directory is to seperate out instances of the the(versions,saves,mods,etc.) Forge is required to be installed where Minecraft saves it's launcher profiles or the information and jar of that version in the base minecraft Directory so there is only one copy of each version at a time. Basically Forge gets installed to the base directory and then you can use the game directory to keep saves and mods seperate from other profiles
  25. This will still crash the server you need to you use the player given to you in the parameters
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