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Mods wont run, but the server itself runs smooth.


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I'm very new to the forums as a member, about 10 minutes. I have read the EAQ, did some search but havn't found any other with a similar issue. Did some browsing as a guest earlier today a few times.


Basically I have been trying since this early morning to get a server up with some certain mods (Buildcraft & Industrialcraft). They work flawlessly in single-player but not server-based.. anyway that's not why I'm making this thread.


I can't get any mods to run. Apparently they load, according to the server.

[21:02:24] [server thread/INFO] [FML]: Forge Mod Loader has successfully loaded 3 mods.

I've tried .jar files. drag and drop folders into the mods folder. Replacing folders/moving folders into forge-server.jar/minecraft-server.1.8.jar.


I think I have re-installed Forge into different folders about 10 times now, server is perfect and smooth as earlier mentioned.


But ingame, they wont work. By this time I've tried about everything I could possible come up with. Different mods/different guides/Different videos on youtube (Mostly containing people who're in a great rush to complete the video, and make me subscribe) None has worked so far.

Google is usually my best-friend, but not today.


So please, any heads up on where I should look/what I should try next? I just don't know anymore.


Best Regards



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just put the jars, into the mods folder its not hard.

You are absolutely right, it's not hard at all.


Woke up 3 hours later, kept thinking about this issue. I just can't go to sleep with things unsolved  ;D!

And you may close this thread, or whatever you prefer! I solved it by getting 1.7.10 instead. Everything runs smooth now. Mods may work with Minecraft 1.8, but I'll settle down with the earlier version!





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