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help with xp


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Now here is a step by step tutorial of making such custom entity.

First, think of what your entity should be called in the code.

It can be like EntityCustomXPOrb or something you wish.

Second, when making (public class "Name"), be sure it extends (extends EntityXPOrb) so that you can have everything in (EntityXPOrb) ready for your usage.

And because you inherit from a pre-defined class (or you can say it is vanilla) you can skip the annoying stuff about update movements, renders, textures, and eventually what the xp orb should do with the player.

Third, make constructor "Name"(World world, double x, double y, double z, int xp), then add super(world, x, y, z, xp) to tell Forge / Minecraft you now have a new entity which is similar to those in vanilla Minecraft, and tell Minecraft to make a new EntityXPOrb based on your values.

Finally, call world.spawnEntityInWorld(new "Name"(this.worldObj, x, y, z, xp)); when you want to spawn your entity.


I hope this helps.

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