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[Forge 1.8] Mod Not Working!!! Need HELP!!!!!!!!


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i have wrote a mod to change the IngameMenu, using OpenMenuEvent,

and it works perfect on under eclipse..


but while i export it to a standalone JAR file, and put it into Mods folder, it no longer work.


it appear nothing when i press ESC ingame, which means client didn't drawout the GUI.


i have tried all the GuiScreen, all of them cant not been replace with a new GuiScreen. Because the Client can not draw out the GUI.


i guess it didnt go through initGui() method.


the forge version is [forge-1.8-], i tried to reinstall bot minecraft and forge, it still the same.


my jdk is java 1.8_25, and jre is java 1.8_31.


can any1 help me to slove out this??

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