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  1. As others have said, the server should handle the actions of the keybinds rather than the keybinds themselves. Solutions involving working with keybinds on the server are not really solutions at all because they just cause more problems.
  2. Take a look at my auto-smelt enchantment code if you need any other assistance.
  3. I decompiled a 1.8 mod to port over to 1.9 (for personal use), but I'm stuck on a reference to a isChecked() method in the GuiButton class. I've looked through the decompiled Minecraft 1.8 source code and I can't find it. I even used the MCPBot and it couldn't find any isChecked method in 1.8. Any ideas?
  4. So how can I circumvent this? Do I just not set the HAND_STATES?
  5. Alright, I did this and the arrow does fire as if the bow was drawn back 100%. Unfortunately the bow still goes through the entire draw-back animation. My code now: EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) entity; ItemStack heldItem = player.getHeldItemMainhand(); if (heldItem != null && heldItem.getItem() instanceof ItemBow && this.getEnchantmentLevel(heldItem) > 0) { //player.setItemInUse(heldItem, heldItem.getMaxItemUseDuration() / 3); ReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(EntityLivingBase.class, player, heldItem, "activeItemStack", "field_184627_bm"); ReflectionHelper.setPrivateValue(EntityLivingBase.class, player, heldItem.getMaxItemUseDuration() / 3, "activeItemStackUseCount", "field_184628_bn"); player.getDataManager().set(ReflectionHelper.getPrivateValue(EntityLivingBase.class, player, "HAND_STATES", "field_184621_as"), (byte) 1); ((ArrowNockEvent) baseEvent).setAction(new ActionResult<>(EnumActionResult.SUCCESS, heldItem)); }
  6. I have an "Quickdraw" enchantment that works by setting the bow item in use immediately on right click, so it doesn't have to draw back all the way to be used. The basic code in 1.8 was: EntityPlayer player = (EntityPlayer) entity; ItemStack heldItem = player.getHeldItem(); if (heldItem != null && heldItem.getItem() instanceof ItemBow && this.getEnchantmentLevel(heldItem) > 0) { player.setItemInUse(heldItem, heldItem.getMaxItemUseDuration() / 3); ((ArrowNockEvent) baseEvent).result = heldItem; baseEvent.setCanceled(true); } However the setItemInUse method seems to be gone in 1.9, and I can't find a suitable replacement. What can I do?
  7. Other than changing references and stuff, what else is there to do?
  8. Well see, it only moves the player's eye up a little from where it is. So it is off by a lot.
  9. The player's eye doesn't point at the specified block. That's what I want.
  10. Thanks for that. Unfortunately I can't seem to get it to look properly. My code: double dX = Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.posX - DMTMap.STADIUM.secondCorner.getX(); double dY = Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.posY - DMTMap.STADIUM.secondCorner.getY(); double dZ = Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.posZ - DMTMap.STADIUM.secondCorner.getZ(); double yaw = Math.atan2(dZ, dX); double pitch = Math.atan2(Math.sqrt(dZ * dZ + dX * dX), dY) + Math.PI; Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.rotationYaw = (float) yaw; Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.rotationPitch = (float) pitch;
  11. Okay, I understand except for "vector math". I don't like to be spoonfed, but what "vector math" do I need to do? And how do I convert the vector into the pitch and yaw?
  12. By the looks of it, all this does is keep turning the player's head. I need to get the variables to line up with a certain block.
  13. Okay, it looks like Mineplex checks for where the player is looking when I right click. So I now need a way for the player to turn its head to face a specific block. Anyone know how?
  14. Will this work even for right clicking with items. not blocks?
  15. I am also stuck on simulating a right click.
  16. I remember having this problem in 1.8.0 when trying to get blocks to fall, and making it configurable to the user. I ended up using ASM to do this, though when I made my thread Lex said that wasn't the best solution.
  17. Is there a packet I can send, or something similar, that can notify the server of a right click being sent without the need to right click? For explanation, I am making a mod that shows a separate GUI for playing the Mineplex game Draw My Thing. It works perfectly, but it'd be even cooler if I could draw from that GUI. If I only needed this on single-player I could easily just use world.setBlock(), however I need this to notify the server of a right click.
  18. I have the following code: String checkMessage = Arrays.stream(event.message.getFormattedText().split(" ")).filter(word -> !word.startsWith("§") || word.startsWith("§f")).collect(Collectors.joining(" ")); System.out.println(checkMessage); This is intended to remove the words that start with '§' but not "§f". However, it turns out when I print checkMessage no words get filtered. §r§928 §r§r§c§lTITAN §r§eSimplyAnon§r §ftest§r Any reasoning behind this?
  19. You can also integrate your mod with the Version Checker mod by Dynious.
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