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Recommended way for searching deobfuscated code?


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I'm brand new to all this, and just how Eclipse magically shows me source code that doesn't seem to exist anywhere on my file system is a mystery.  I'd love to be able to simply "grep" and explore the code that way I'm used to (I'm also new to Eclipse), but I vaguely (mis)understand since the introduction of gradle everything is tucked away in it's cache, and my only window in on that is through Eclipse.  It seems the final code view I see in Eclipse is put together from pieces in that cache only when I ask for it?  Is there a way to "export" all the files so I can run other tools against it?


I'm sure this must have come up before (sorry) but I can't seem to find the right way to search for it.  Thanks in advance.

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Thanks.  But, I had found that before; what I meant was the decompiled, deobfuscated and patched Minecraft code (that's the only code that needs to be deobfuscated, right?).  In other words, let's say I want to pull up Block.class from net.minecraft.block, complete with the friendly names like I would see in Eclipse.  I've found .gradle/caches/minecraft/net/minecraftforge/fml/<version>, which comes pretty close, but instead of names like "soundTypeStone" I see "field_149769_e".

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Awesome thank you!  Didn't click the first time I read "-sources", but right you are, I just wasn't looking deep enough:



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