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Forge 11.14.0 Minecraft 1.8


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Forge Version: 1.8-

Minecraft Version: 1.8



It's about that time again. Minecraft for 1.8 has been out for a while. It is a MAJOR update.

The bulk of the rendering engine has been re-written to a new Model based system.

Combined that with the refactor to use BlockPos instead of x/y/z means it'll take some time for modders to update.

However, fear not! No matter what people say around the internet, 1.8 can do EVERYTHING that 1.7 could, just in different ways.

No it doesn't take Petabytes of memory to render a pipe, no it doesn't bring your computer to it's knees with BlockPos.

It's fully functional, efficient, has a few bugs {as all Minecraft does} but overall it's good to go!

1.8.2 will eventually be dropping.At which time we will update Forge. However we're waiting on Mojang to figure out what they wanna do.


However, I would like to take this oppertunity to introduce you to the new guy on the team Fry!

As you all know, I SUCK at rendering things, and with cpw's departure I need some help.

Fry has been working with me for quite some time on various minor things. He volenteered to work

on the rendering stuff and I trust him enough to give him access to actually work on Forge itself.

So, if you have any rendering issues, bitch at him!


Time for the nitty gritty u.u


Minecraft Forge 11.14.0 Changelog:



  • Player sensitive version of Block.getPickBlock
  • Now only call blockBreak when the block changes not just metadata.
  • New Explosion Start and Detonate events to allow control over explosions.
  • New CreateSpawnPosition to allow for one time world spawn generation.
  • New LivingHealEvent called from EntityLivingBase.heal()
  • New PotionBrewEvent.Post/Pre to allow for more control over brewing.
  • ToolMaterial's repair material is now a ItemStack, allowing for more custom materials.
  • Improved Control of Enchantment.canApplyTogether() in Mod Enchantments, allowing both enchantments to determine if they can apply together.
  • Added daylight sensor recipes to Ore recipes. Allowing custom wood slabs to be used.
  • New ModelBakeEvent, allows mods to insert custom Baked models.
  • Added white stained glass to the ore recipe replacement, allowing for custom bonemeal to be used.
  • Added "sand" to the OreDictionary.
  • Added chest variations to the OreDictionary.
  • Added ability for blocks to render in multiple layers.
  • Players mod list is now saved in their NetworkDispatcher, thus allowing mods to read it after the fact.
  • Added new model loader registry, replacement for IAdvancedModelLoader


Bug Fix:

  • Fixed desert list initialization.
  • Fixed slots being black due to vanilla blending leakage Forge fixes.
  • Fixed WavefrontObject to allow '.' in group object names.
  • Fixed issue where client would think it was raining when not in the overworld.
  • Fixed issue where creative picking CommandBlock minecarts would return wrong item.
  • Fixed entities not being able to be damaged.
  • Fixed potential NPE in Block.isToolEffective.
  • Fixed destroy particles not being added correctly.
  • Fixed potential Concurrency issues in networking. Note to Modders: Networking is on a seperate thread, Be careful.
  • Fixed debug screen not showing grey background.
  • Fixed BlockPane's not connecting to certain blocks.
  • Fixed issue where the top part of double plants would ficker a different texture before dissapearing.
  • Fixed NPE in BlockSnapshots that caused issues when placing TileEntities.
  • Fixed stickey pistons not retracting properly.
  • Fixed issue where fluids would not render there back faces.
  • Fixed Quartz Ore mining speed.
  • Fixed texture stitcher not using all avalible spaces.
  • Fixed ItemModelMesher issues when Item IDs are remapped.
  • Fixed typo that caused block changes to not be properly clumped causing client side lag on world load.
  • Fixed messages not being added to the chat history when sleeping.
  • Fixed commands not working when sleeping.
  • Fixed Stained Glass panes rendering incorrectly.
  • Fixed links not being clickable.
  • Fixed issue where config option to disable Forge update check didn't work.
  • Fixed issue on custom Bukkit servers that crashes clients by sending invalid world state.
  • Fixed NPE when ClientChatReceivedEvent is canceled.


Major New Feature:

Model Loader Registry:

Entry point: ModelLoaderRegistry

loader interface: ICustomModelLoader

custom model: IModel


ModelLoader is responsible for splicing into vanilla model system.

(you probably don't need to use it directly)


Interop with vanilla models isn't great yet

(vanilla models can't refer to custom ones as parents), will improve in

the future.


Includes loader for B3D models, with animation support


Blender export plugin with compatible coordinate system:



OBJ loader is being written, will be included at some point in the

future. For now you can convert OBJ to B3D via blender, or wait.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
Consider supporting the team on Patreon

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