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[1.8] Mixing items' textures


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Hello gurus  ;D


Did a quick search, but found nothing on this topic, that's why i'm opening this thread. Obviously i beg for pardon in advance, in case of duplicate argument.


I'm almost finished with my mod, and obviously i started thinking at extensions. There's a an element of trouble that's worrying me: during development i experimented a mix-mess with textures. Installing a newer items set (by installing a newer version of the mod) on an old test world, it always pops out mixing old and new textures. Not such a problem, unless you don't think to release extended versions of the mod: didn't test on my server yet, but i'm almost sure about the fact installing a newer version would crap off my world.


Did it happen to anyone else?


Is it just me?


Is there any fix/workaround to make the textures rendering stable across different releases?


Thanks a lot

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Well, to be honest don't remember if i dloaded the new version of forge before or after  a month ago.


I will surely give a try updating it.


I never updated forge (i'm an almost total n00b). Is there any easy way to update clients/servers/workspace, or should i erase all (except for worlds) and reinstall?

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What I've done that worked for me:


In the build.gradle file, you'll find a version number


minecraft {
    version = "1.8-"  

Change it to the version number you want, re-run

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace eclipse


gradlew setupDecompWorkspace idea


and you're done.  Backup first if you're not using github or similar.


http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com.au/p/quick-tips-eclipse.html talks about it some more.






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You're saving my life, pal :D

Well, saving you a few frustrating hours maybe :)


By the way - forge 1.8 is out of beta now!




Next step: understanding how to update forge on clients/server but i guess latest rerunning forge installer on both sides could do the trick. Am i wrong?

I think you're right.... :)






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Well, saving you a few frustrating hours maybe :)


I'm a professional programmer. I "stay frustrated" a significant amount of my lifetime, so any little help about instantly raises to the "LIFESAVIOUR" gratitude level. Believe me :D


Thanks a HUGE lot :)

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