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[1.7.10] Recolouring a tessellator model


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I have a method drawing a square with an animated water texture and I've been trying to change the colour of it with the method:

Tessellator.instance.setColorOpaque(r, g, b);

This works, however it simply takes away the colors from the original texture, so it comes out very dark. Is there a way to increase the brightness/lightness of the texture so it doesn't look awful? Or a different way of recolouring the texture?


EDIT: I tried making use of the Tessellator.instance.setBrightness() method, but it doesn't appear to do anything. Am I just using it wrong?

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Best thing to do is to make the original texture grey scale i.e. shades of white.  If your original texture is blue and you are trying to change it to red, you are really going to struggle.  It is possible using rendering & shader tricks to change the hue (convert your blue to grey scale and then to red) but changing the source texture is a hundred times easier.



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