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[1.8] Generate model file internally?


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Not sure if this is possible but what I'd like is to generate Strings in a json format within code, and then register that as the model, so instead of having an actual file, it's just done on launch. These will be cached if the user wishes to save them, it basically saves the effort of having to create model files for every block/item. If this is possible could I get some insight on how to do so?

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Thanks, I think I got most of it done however one issue I'm having is getting the field.


@SuppressWarnings({"rawtypes", "unchecked"}) public synchronized static void assembleResources() {
if (FMLCommonHandler.instance().getEffectiveSide().isClient()) {
	try {
		Field field = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getClass().getDeclaredField("defaultResourcePacks");
		Field modField = Field.class.getDeclaredField("modifiers");
		modField.setInt(field, field.getModifiers() & ~Modifier.FINAL);
		List rPacks = (List) field.get(Lists.newArrayList());
		rPacks.add(new EasyModResourcePack());
		field.set(field, rPacks);
	} catch (Exception e) {
		LogHelper.warn("An exception was thrown creating resource pack");
		LogHelper.warn(e.getMessage() != null ? e.getMessage() : "");


The line "List rPacks = (List) field.get(Lists.newArrayList());" Throws an error, Can not set java.util.List field net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.defaultResourcePacks to java.util.ArrayList


If someone knows how to fix this issue, that would really help. I'm no reflection expert, I wouldn't even consider myself at the level of beginner yet, so I'm probably doing something wrong.

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Ok, please learn reflection properly.


First of all you don't need that modifiers hack, that is only needed for static final fields. Then you can use Minecraft.class instead of Minecraft.getMinecraft().getClass(). And then field.get needs the instance to get the field from. The field defaultResourcePacks does not exist in the List class, so you can't pass it a List. Obviously.

And you don't need to call field.set ever in this case.

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private final DefaultResourcePack mcDefaultResourcePack;

It's not a static field but it's final, and I get illegal access exception's without it.


The only things I've changed are

Field field = Minecraft.class.getDeclaredField("defaultResourcePacks");

List rPacks = (List) field.get(Minecraft.getMinecraft());


Now if I don't set the field how am I supposed to add to the default resource packs? Does calling rPacks.add do it?

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It's not a static field but it's final, and I get illegal access exception's without it.

setAccessible is enough. You only need to hack the modifiers if the field is both static and final.


Now if I don't set the field how am I supposed to add to the default resource packs? Does calling rPacks.add do it?

Yes. That's how Java works. Objects are passed by reference, not by value.
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