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[1.8] Shelf mod creation - help with technique?


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Hi, All.


For my second ever mod attempt, I plan to create a Forge for minecraft 1.8 version the Shelf Mod that my son wants so very much. 

The original mod is shown here:



There is a video about it on youtube by thediamondminecart (omg I love that guy).


I'm about to dive into the code for a chest to understand how to hold items, but I'm at a total loss as to how I can display the items in the shelf in the block model.  I imagine I will edit the model file to reference the textures of the (up to) 9 items on the shelf, shrink the item model a little, place it in the correct location, etc. but I have no idea how to go about doing that since I've only found or written model file examples for very mundane blocks and items. 


How would you do it?  Can you help or point me to the right place to better understand:


-accessing items stored in a chest-like block

-displaying items in a block, like an item in a picture frame

-creating a non-cubic model for a shelf that looks kind of like stairs but with an extra tier (I'll ditch the extra tier and move to 4- or 6-position shelves if need be - I'm still a beginner)

+preferably be able to use any type of wood and show the different wood colors in the shelf (my kid loves the different wood types in the game) or to be able to dye the shelves


Thanks for any input!  :)

hw developer in a sw world

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