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How to create a core/lib mod?


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Hello everyone,


How would you go about in making a "core" mod? I'm not talking about the coremod in FML that can be used to patch Minecraft classes, I'm talking about API-type mods like CodeChickenCore, which adds code that other mods can use. I'm fine with code creation, but how would I use it in eclipse? Would I have to create the coremod's code in one workspace, re-build it with gradlew build, then add the .jar to a second workspace's build path to use it in another mod? I'm pretty sure there has to be a easier way.


Anyway, thanks for reading.


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You can publish your library mod to a Maven repository and use Gradle to compile it/add it to the workspace. Or, you could use Git submodules, which is basically having one repo (a submodule) embedded inside another and then instructing Gradle to compile it. The latter is the setup I am currently using for my mod and OpenBlocks is using.

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