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Setting up Jenkins with Github?


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I'm not really sure if this is the right location, kind of modding related?


I'd like to know how to setup jenkins and link it to github to build whenever a commit is made. I've seen some people do it (Forestry, IC2, Logistics Pipes, Thaumic Tinkerer, Inventory Tweaks) and I can't seem to find a tutorial for it so if anyone has one or knows how I would love to know how to do it. If there's any alternatives to jenkins that people know of that are better/easier to use then you can tell me about that instead.

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How do you set up the downloads part? It builds fine but there's nothing in the downloads tab


Edit: Sorry for so many questions but I thought I saw somewhere once that leaving the mcmod.info version line empty would make it automatically take the version from the @Mod annotation. Is it that or the other way around?

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