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Auto-Smelting Tools Event Handler Help [SOLVED]


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I need help for an event handler I've set up for auto-smelting tools. It doesn't work, and I can't seem to find any bugs in it. I'm using HarvestDropsEvent and Forge 1.7.10-


Event Handler:



@SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.HIGHEST)
public void onBlockDropItems(HarvestDropsEvent e) {
	if (e.harvester != null ) {
		if(e.harvester.getHeldItem() != null) {
			ItemStack heldItem = e.harvester.getHeldItem();

			if(heldItem.getItem() == EpicItems.infernalpickaxe || heldItem.getItem() == EpicItems.infernalaxe
					|| heldItem.getItem() == EpicItems.infernalshovel) {
				if(((ItemTool)heldItem.getItem()).func_150893_a(heldItem, e.block) > 1.0f) {
					if(FurnaceRecipes.smelting().getSmeltingList().containsKey(new ItemStack(Item.getItemFromBlock(e.block)))) {
						ItemStack result = FurnaceRecipes.smelting().getSmeltingResult(new ItemStack(Item.getItemFromBlock(e.block))).copy();
						result.stackSize = e.fortuneLevel == 0 ? 1 : e.fortuneLevel;




Preinitialisation Code:



public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent e) {




Thanks to diesieben07 for the answer! All I had to do was to change smelting().getSmeltingList().containsKey() to smelting().getSmeltingResult != null.

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1. Do not register the eventhandler to the event bus if it is unnecessary.

      You just need to register it on the MinecraftForge event bus.

2. Please post the code related with your tools. The problem might be from there.

I. Stellarium for Minecraft: Configurable Universe for Minecraft! (WIP)

II. Stellar Sky, Better Star Rendering&Sky Utility mod, had separated from Stellarium.

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