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SOMONE who knows!legitlly! how do i install 1.1forge? im serious.


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i need someone WHO KNOWS how to install 1.1forge in the .versions im using client forge-1.1- then thers this (src) :o file I also downloaded  someone can someone help me plz? literally step by step id really appreciate it ik a lot of people are wondering ( why would I want to use 1.1forge when its so old) well I do  and believe or not they are...( and im sure many other people who do as well) want to use 1.1 forge. so can someone WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY AR DOING someone WHO KNOWS how to install 1.1 forge tell me how and they I do it for this will it work the other that came beofe universal was released on 1.3.2 id appreciate thanks.

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The install instructions are all over the internet, you strung people around with your last thread so I locked it.

This version is WAY to old for us to try and support you.

If you cant understand how to edit a damn zip file you're not going to get anywhere.

But as a final ruling, you're on your own 1) its simple 2) its so outdated we do not support it on the site.

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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