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[1.7.10]Tile Entity


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I have some problem that confuses me.


Suppose I have Block A and Block B. Both implemented ITileEntityProvider.

I placed a Block A in the world.


Then I want to replace Block A with Block B IN THE CODE. (something like world.aFunction(whatever))

What should I do?

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I assume that because both classes implement ITileentityProvider, he wants to have the now late  lock A's tileentity with Block B's tileentity.

If my post helped you, please press that "Thank You"-button to show your appreciation.


Also if you don't know Java, I would suggest you read the official tutorials by Oracle to get an idea of how to do this. Thanks, and good modding!


Also if you haven't, set up a Git repo for your mod not only for convinience but also to make it easier to help you.

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