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  1. I think you don't have the correct version of ValkyrienWarfareBase.
  2. Just do what he says. I think he knows a little more about this than you do.
  3. But are you sure that the NBT data gets actually synced between the client and the server? Also, you should work with that attitude of yours.
  4. And what have you tried in respect of "getting the right string". How do you sync the string.
  5. Reflection incurs overhead that I'd like to avoid, as I'm accessing a field on each of a list of entities, every tick. MethodHandles (that work with fields as well, don't let the name confuse you) have no oberhead as they get optimised by the JIT into just direct access. Also, premature optimisation is the root of all evil.
  6. Wouldn't it be 2 bytes per character since java uses UTF-16.
  7. But when one starts with git all they really need is "commit", "push", "pull", "checkout", and "add". And using those is easy. @OP, please don't give up. While git may look daunting, getting to know it is so worth it. Also, if you want to close a thread, lock it.
  8. I don't understand the purpose but your could try System.exit(0); The SecurityManager no longer allows for mods to use System.exit.
  9. I disagree with others in this thread. One should not use any kinds of wrapers around GIT while they don't even understand it. I find the command-line version to be easier to understand as it gives you more feedback instead of obscuring the actual process of using git behind a pretty GUI. I know there is a steep learning curve, but the most basic git commands one needs are not that hard. Anyway, here is a tutorial.
  10. He gave you the outline of what you have to do, now you as the developer have to actually implement it in code. There is no way around that.
  11. INB4. "It's the version I use" or "Everyone else is doing it".
  12. Also, don't use BlockContainer. It is deprecated and not meant to be used by modders.
  13. Well, I guess that before anyone is willing to help you, you should make your code readable. Try putting code-tags around your code, or better yet, put it to pastebin. Then we shall talk about your problem. Also, be patient. It has been 2 hours since you started this thread and you are already bumping it.
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