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[solved]1.4.2 Gui drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer() issue

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[solved] Was the new (int par1, int par2) added to the draw Method.


Having an odd issue with my fontRenderers in my drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer not showing up @_@


This is my normal code which worked correctly in 1.3.2



protected void drawGuiContainerForegroundLayer()
// Draws The title of the Gui like "Furnace" for the furnace,
// It has 4 params
// @param "Tutorial Gui" this is the Name in String format
// @param int 6, this is the xCoord on the screen
// @param int 6, this is the yCoord on the screen
// @param 0xffffff, this is the color in hex, 0xffffff, is white, 0x000000 is black BTW
fontRenderer.drawString("Soul Altar", 6, 6, 4210752);
fontRenderer.drawString("Captured Souls", 94, 6, 4210752);

//AutoCenters Numbers
int ws = 0;
if (BlockSoulAltar.soulCountTotal > 999)
	ws = -4;

//SoulCountTotal Display
fontRenderer.drawString(""+ BlockSoulAltar.soulCountTotal, 150 + ws, 24, 0xffffff);

//SoulCostTotal Display
if (this.inventorySlots.getSlot(0).getStack() != null)
	fontRenderer.drawString(""+ this.SARL[1] * this.inventorySlots.getSlot(0).getStack().stackSize, 150, 51, 0xffffff);

// This draws the caption for the players inventory this is not needed as the above but is sometimes nice
fontRenderer.drawString(StatCollector.translateToLocal("container.inventory"), 6, ySize - 96 + 2, 4210752);




Not sure what could have caused this...


Edit: Just tried placing said fontRenders in my drawGuiContainerBackgroudLayer() and they work. Just seems the Foreground is getting covered up? or not functioning correctly.


Also tested a direct copy and paste of Minecrafts gui foreground codes, they don't work either under my custom Gui.

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