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[1.8+][Solved] How to get a Block to drop an item...?


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As the name suggests, I simply wish to have a block drop an item- specifically, this is an ore block meant to drop minerals when mined.  (Below is the code.)


I'm sure it's a simple fix, but I've been googling for a day now (minus time spent sleeping and at work) and scouring this forum without any luck.  There's plenty of 1.7+ tutorials/code out there that use the getItemDropped(int metadata, Random random, int fortune) implementation from the Block class which has changed to getItemDropped(IBlockState state, Random random, int fortune).  I updated to the new implementation, but the @Override above both getItemDropped and quantityDropped apparently doesn't belong even though Ctrl-clicking on them allows me to open them in the Block class directory.  This is a bit frustrating. I'm using Eclipse and I'm a bit new to Java but not to coding (and I've been reading up with a Sam's).


Thank you for any help!



The Code

package genfrogking.supercraft.init.blocks;


import java.lang.annotation.Target;


import genfrogking.supercraft.init.SupercraftItems;

import net.minecraft.block.Block;

import net.minecraft.block.material.Material;

import net.minecraft.block.state.IBlockState;

import net.minecraft.item.Item;

import scala.util.Random;


public class Block_Ore_Mithril extends Block


public Block_Ore_Mithril(Material materialIn)





this.setHarvestLevel("pickaxe", 4);






public Item getItemDropped(IBlockState state, Random rand, int fortune)


        return SupercraftItems.mithril_mineral;




public int quantityDropped(Random rand)


return 1 + rand.nextInt(2);




Sorry.  I tried to put the code in a spoiler and code format, but the formatting options, when I was setting this post up, weren't working properly.

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:o Yup, that was it.  Thank you! 


When you say

This is why you should not override manually.
are you referring to auto-organizing (Ctrl-Shift-O) imports in Eclipse?  It automatically imported scala for me instead of java; I didn't even notice!


Fortunately, Eclipse noticed there was an error here.

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