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mcmod.info problem


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I have the following mcmod.info file in my mod:


  "modid": "DLDungeonJBG",
  "name": "Doomlike Dungeons",
  "description": "Algorithmically generates multiroom dungeons resembling Doom levels into the world.",
  "version": "1.7.5",
  "mcversion": "1.7.10",
  "url": "http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2382396-152164172-doomlike-dungeons-124-sspsmp/",
  "updateUrl": "",
  "authors": ["Jared Blackburn (JaredBGreat)"],
  "credits": "Andrew J. Apted for creating the Oblige Level Maker which inspired this.",
  "logoFile": "DLDLogo2.png",
  "screenshots": [],
  "dependencies": []


Which is far as I can tell is the correct format.  And it seems to be in the right place, as I'd expect with the new build system:




But for some reason it doesn't show up with the mods list; instead it says there is no information and to ask you mod author to supply an mcmod.info file?!  At first I was mildly concerned, then just stopped thinking about it.  But today someone actually asked on Minecraft Forums (http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1293843-doomlike-dungeons-1-7-5?comment=391) for an mcmod.info file.  All I could say is that it was there.


Anyone know why this might be happening?  Does it require certain character encoding (my text editor defaults to UTF-8.  Or does it require Windows style line feeds to work?  I have Linux so the linefeed is different.  I really don't know why this is happening.  Anyone have any suggesting as to how to fix it?

Developer of Doomlike Dungeons.

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Is the mcmod.info in your assets folder of your mod? If not, try it there when compiled. I'm honestly not sure what could be happening and I do remember hearing about problems concerning it.

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