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[1.7.10] mob spawns in custom structure.


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So, i have this custum structure in my mod, the entropy temple. It registers the bounding boxes and all and i have hooked into the same spawning event that fetches the spawnlist from the nether fortress.


I also implemented the same check if the mob is on the correct type of block, then add withers and blazes to the List


As far as i can test it all works good under forge, but on my server that runs on cauldron it suddenly loads blazes and withers all over the place outside of the temples until i restart the server.


Does anyone know if this is a cauldron thing? As far as i can check in the forge source the list with possible creatures gets deleted and rebuilt for every block where a spawn is happening.


If its a cauldron thing i can just say yay, free withers heh.

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I wrote my own mod ish... still a few bugs to fix. http://thaumcraft.duckdns.org/downloads/MagicCookies-

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