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Add another jar as a separate project for viewing.


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I've done this before, but it's been awhile and I can't seem to figure out how I got it to work the first time.


I'm trying to look through the Biomes o Plenty source files. I made a new project with it and imported the necessary files. However, it's acting a bit strangely.







The folders do not cascade but are all bunched together like this, and of course, it can't find the minecraft and forge files because they are not in there. I believe there was some way to simply import a file like this and look at all its contents and be able to hop around with F3 like a normal project without actually having to go through the process of making an entirely new forgegradle project. Having this mod in my testing environment is not important. All I want to do is be able to look at the files with all the convenience of Eclispe.



Please do not come in and point out obvious things like "of course it won't work if you don't have forge/eclipse on there". I do have it, but it's in a separate project. If I need to set up an entirely new folder for it like I were making one for my own mod, then that's fine; I can do that. I was just wondering if there was a simpler way of doing this, because I swear I was able to do this before without having to go through all that, but I can't remember how or even what tutorial taught me that. I've searched and come up with nothing myself.

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