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[WIP][1.8]Energy Tools (and more)


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Energy Tools is a mod i've been working on for a bit that adds a system of "energy" to players. This should not be thought of as electrical energy, but more physical energy. This energy can be acquired through many different methods and can be used in many ways. What better way to explain the mod than to show you? This mod has not yet been released, but the page will be updated as soon as it comes out. Also, i'll [eventually] get AnZaNaMa.com up and running. I have even bought the domain! On to the mod itself:


NOTE: I am fully aware that some references to the mod label it "ExpTools" instead of "EnergyTools". This is because the former was the original name of it and I still havent gotten around to changing all of the references. Sorry for any confusing inconveniences.


Getting Energy:



As this mod is a work in progress, not all of the ways to get energy have been implemented yet, but there are many planned.


Number 1: By destroying your items!


This method uses a machine called an "Energizer" to turn any items that you drop onto it into pure energy (yes, the items get deleted). Most all vanilla items have energy values, and support for modded items will absolutely be implemented in the future. Also, placing Energy Blocks around the Energizer in certain manners will allow a player to get more energy for each item and transfer energy quicker.


Number 2: Through Liquids!


Not much planning in this aspect has been done. For sure, there will be the ability to convert the energy in you and in machines to liquid energy that can be stored in tanks. There will probably be a machine (or machines) that does/do such. More to come in the future.


Got any other ideas for energy? Tell me about them!





Using Energy:



Like I said above, the mod is a work in progress, so there will be much more added in the future. As of now, though, there are a few uses for Energy.


Number 1: Tools!

Of course there are tools. There is a pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe, and sword. These tools are fairly powerful and never break. The only catch is, each use of them takes 10 energy (the same amount received from one cobblestone). If you try to use a tool without Energy, it will break and you'll be left empty-handed *buh-dum-tss*


Number 2: RedBison

RedBison is litterally a can of RedBull (or at least it looks like it) that is named RedBison, because I don't want to be sued by RedBull. It is a later game item that is another option for flight. Upon first activation, it takes 500 energy from the player and then while it is active, 1 energy per tick. But while it's active, you get creative flight! Just another option that's maybe a little bit less overpowered than Angel Wings.


*More To Come (Soon)*




Like I said earlier, this is a work in progress. It's also my first mod. However, I work on it literally all the time pretty much every day. Even right now, I'm writing this when I should be sleeping, because i'm taking the AP United States History test in ~ 8 hours. I know this post is very short, and I will absolutely finish writing it when I get a chance. I just wanted to get this out there. There will be pictures too. :D




Source Code:



Ideas, Feature Requests, Concerns, Comments, Etc.:



Wiki (not anywhere near complete):



My Website (this is not a legitimate link yet, I just want to have it here for later. It doesn't lead anywhere):


- Just because things are the way they are doesn't mean they can't be the way you want them to be. Unless they're aspen trees. You can tell they're aspens 'cause the way they are.

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