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[1.7.10] Container of an existing item


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I want to create container of an existing item (flint and steel).

+ I dont want to update on 1.8


Edit : I want to craft something with flint and steel and use up 1 durability of it.


Any ideas ?

I'm beginner in java and in minecraft modding.

Please be specific.

Any code examples are appreciated.

Sorry for my english i'm from Czech republic.

Please hit that thank you button if i helped :)

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There may be a slightly hacky way to do this, but I don't know it. You can make your own item, extend Item, copy the onItemUse from Flint and Steel, and add:


In the constructor:


this.maxStackSize = 1;


Override these:


public boolean doesContainerItemLeaveCraftingGrid(ItemStack stack)
    return false;

public ItemStack getContainerItem(ItemStack stack)
    ItemStack copy = stack.copy();
    copy.setItemDamage(copy.getItemDamage() + 1);
    copy.stackSize = 1;
    return copy;


After you register the item:




And in your recipe,


GameRegistry.addWhateverRecipe(new ItemStack(whatever), new ItemStack(yourFlintAndSteelItem, 1, Short.MAX_VALUE), whateverOtherItems);



Edit: missed a few things, whoops

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