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How to make a Scrollable list of GuiButtons


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Hey everyone, i was trying to create a GuiScreen on wich an unlimited number of GuiButtons(People can add and remove buttons) is displayed and when the buttons reach a certain point a scrollbar should show up so one can scroll down. But i have absoloutly no clue how to do it. Hope somebody can help me :D

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I always say this - in GUI stuff you will get no direct help without giving code of what you alredy got.


How to start?

Both Minecraft and Forge use what you want inside their classes. When you start coding GUI 1st thing you think about - "Is it alredy there?", and it is. Look at config GUI - "Controls...", use your IDE to find how it works - it's gonna take HELLA LOT of time (relatively) to understand it, but that's only way to start coding good stuff in future.


If you want to implement it on your own, you can use GuiScrollingList and create element list that will have GuiButton inside that will be pulled from some data pool (number of buttons).

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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