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[1.8] [SOLVED] Interact event not being called for entities


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I am trying to create a non-living entity. I would like the player to be mounted onto this entity after the mod checks some permission stuff. I have overridden the interactFirst(EntityPlayer player) method, but it seems like it is not being called. I have noticed that when I press F3+B (to show hitboxes of entities), the hitbox seems to be correct, but I can interact with the blocks behind it; not with the actual entity.


Code: http://pastebin.com/JjAJgR9f


I'd appreciate any help,


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It might have something to do with getBoundingBox() or getCollisionBox(). I saw minecarts used them and I'm a bit confused what the difference is to setSize(). I also noticed that attackEntityFrom() isn't being called either.

BounDing box is actuall entity zone. Collision box is box of collision, box with which player can interact... It being null, means that player goes, righ clicks and attacks through it...

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I added:

public AxisAlignedBB getCollisionBox(Entity entityIn)
    return new AxisAlignedBB(posX-1, posY-1, posZ-1, posX+1, posY+1, posZ+1);

to my entity class. I can now collide with the entity, but right clicking it still doesn't do anything.


Btw, I am using this to get interacts:

public boolean interactFirst(EntityPlayer player) {
return true;

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Anyone? This makes no sense! I have looked at some other entity classes, and I don't see anything that could explain this. ???

Maybe this has something do to with Forge not calling the interact method. I would really appreciate any help! :-\


Also, I'm using the summon command. Not that I see how that could influence it.

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