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wondering if something is possible...


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ok so first off let me say that I only have a basic idea of how modding works I am NOT a modder by no means that said...


so I have a private modpack I threw together and have been playing it for a few days now and I've gotten to the point where some enchanting would give me an edge that I really need. so I've started saving up xp and actually paying attention to it in general ( via openblocks xp drain into a tank ) when I've noticed that after playing for awhile ( amount of time varies ) I start respawning with xp ( 19 lvls to be exacta ) for no apparent reason. even if I go drain the lvls into my xp tank and then purposely die I get 19 lvls of xp for free. it doesn't cause a crash so there is no crash log to look at.


my question is, is there a way to physicaly see a console log of hooks that the mods listen for and there reactions to those hooks on a console like screen that can tell a person what mod is giving the undesired reaction ( in my case giving me xp for dying ) so that we can find a way to fix/ report it as bug?



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The only way to see what mod causes this behavior is to binary-search those mods, meaning you take half the mods out, try again. If the problem persists, take another half of that half, and so on until you've found the mod causing that error.

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This thread makes me sad because people just post copy-paste-ready code when it's obvious that the OP has little to no programming experience. This is not how learning works.

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well ya I'm working on figuring out which mod is doing it for me, I know that. I'm just asking if the idea's even possible. like I said to my knowledge mods listen for a event (block place, player death etc.) to trigger their reactions to them but is it even possible to listen to what that reaction is? or would someone have to define the exact reaction to listen for making my idea impossible?


( only using my scenario as a example )

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right so again using my scenario as a example ( again not a modder so please forgive me if my knowledge is abit crude just trying to learn if its possible )


    on event LivingDeathEvent ( <--- the exact event I told it tell it to listen for) mod Such.and.Such gave 19 xp lvls



or maybe even use the xp lvls as the event and have it say something along the lines of

    PlayerPickupXpEvent ( <---- again the exact event I pick to listen for ) from mod Such.and.Such


I already know its possible to listen for the event to happen but is it possible to know from where?


or if I'm reading diesieben07 post correctly, code up something that could tell me


    mod Such.and.Such listening for PlayerDropsEvent. LivingDeathEvent etc.

    mod Something.else listening for PlayerSleepInBedEvent. AttackEntityEvent





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great and then simply control f to find the correct event and I can find the mod that's causing my problem :) ( or at least greatly narrow down the suspects ) this sounds very handy when troubleshooting new modpacks. now for the hard part, gonna try to learn to mod from absolutely 0 experience in it and make it lol wish me luck

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