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[1.8] Creating a GuiSlider


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So for my GUI, I am looking into creating a new slider. I found a class call the GuiSlider

so I decided to use that, put apparently it needs a GuiResponder and a FormatHelper.

How exactly would I get these?


Like all modding, it is best to find vanilla stuff that behaves close to what you want and check out in the source code how that works then adapt it to your use. So find a vanilla gui that uses gui slider and check it out. Basically the vanilla source code is great "tutorial" for a lot of stuff.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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ok, I kinda got the slider to work, but I really don't understand the GuiResponder

None of the methods or variables have names, and I really couldn't find anything that could possibly give me a clue to what each method does.


This is my GuiResponder class:

public class GuiResponder implements GuiResponder {

public void func_175321_a(int p_175321_1_, boolean p_175321_2_) {


public void func_175320_a(int p_175320_1_, float p_175320_2_) {


public void func_175319_a(int p_175319_1_, String p_175319_2_) {



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The first thing you should do is make sure you have the latest SRG name mappings in your Forge setup. For some reason 1.8 is being distributed with an old mapping and actually many more of the functions now have names.


To do this, you would edit your build.gradle file to have something like the following:

minecraft {

    version = "1.8-"

    runDir = "../run/assets"

    mappings = "snapshot_20150518"



Where you see I've added a mapping. (The other parts for version and runDir you should update according to your setup and latest version). The numbers after the snapshot_ indicate the date and you can use anything up to the current date (like 20150604).


If you do that and run gradlew setupDecompWorkspace and gradlew eclipse again on your workspace, you'll have many more names in the source code.


In this case only one of the functions has new mapping, but that stil helps. The interface in my source code shows the following three functions:


    public interface GuiResponder


        void func_175321_a(int p_175321_1_, boolean p_175321_2_);


        void onTick(int id, float value);


        void func_175319_a(int p_175319_1_, String p_175319_2_);



So at least you know one is the onTick function, so that should help.


After that you might need to trace the call hierarchy of the other functions to see if you can figure them out. The first one seems to be related to mouse clicks.


Lastly you might need to trace the code execution by adding console/logger statements or by using debug mode.

Check out my tutorials here: http://jabelarminecraft.blogspot.com/

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