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[1.7.10]Forge Documentation???


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The Forge documentation is in the sourcecode, it's a bit patchy and generally lacks an overview telling the proper way to use the methods, preconditions/assumptions, typical use case examples etc, so you'll often have to inspect the source code implementation to figure it out. 


There are quite a few other tutorials around which can help fill the gaps, many of them are here:


Wuppy29's stuff is really good, for specialist topics dieSieben, coolAlias, and jabelar have also got some really helpful posts & blogs.


If you used to do Forge before, the newest things to know about are the ForgeGradle workspace and building (which are massive improvments), Block and Item Models in place of all the old rendering stuff, network packets are totally different (and multithreaded), a lot of changes to Events, and the more-or-less-complete integration of FML into Forge.  A lot of the rest is still similar.



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