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[1.7.10] Item Pickup Handler


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Note that there are 2 pickup events. One FMLs, other Forges.


FML: ItemPickupEvent

Forge: EntityItemPickupEvent


Forge (fired 1st) allows you to intercept picking up item entity. In that manner - when you pick it up (collide with entity and won't cancel picking up), you can't do entityItem.getEntityItem() because the ItemStack will be alredy transfered into your inventory (the ItemStack inside entitItem will move its properties to your inventory).


FMLs one is fired on ItemStack that was transferred to your inventory and after actually picking up. Allows you to manipulate stack.



Thank you but now i need to know how to make a file that will trigger an achievement when you pick up a specific item because ItemPickupEvent doesnt seem to have the same methods as IPickupNotifier.


Learn to use events (all over google). Then simply use them like event.pickedUp.getEntityItem().getItem() == YourItem -> give archivement. Remember to check for nulls (hardly possible during picking up, but better to do that).

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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