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Q - Minecraft 1.7.10 forge on right click it with a item Removes a block and rep


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I'm kind of new to all this Minecraft modding :) I'm trying to make this mod where you make a portal with runes.


Let's say you have this block called Demon Brick and you hold and rune in your hand :) and you want to "put" this rune on a block and it removes the old block and put a new block down with new texture where the rune is on :)


How do i do this so far? I got 4 different runes and if put together in the right order/ways the portal will open/ be activated.


What I've got so far is 5 different classes with the blocks and different textures and the DemonBrick itself, 4 different items (Runes) with class and texture and a class with the portal recipe.


Here's a picture with the portal so you know what im talking about:



hope some one can tell me what to do :)

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I don't think anyone here will help you unless you actually try first. You haven't given us any code or issues that you are having other than you want us to walk you through this. There are plenty of tutorials out there for dimensions and block manipulation.

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