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Better way of doing attackEntity?


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I am using player controller to attack like 90 entities in one block, the only problem is that it stops attacking them after a while -_-

						if(Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.typeOfHit == MovingObjectType.ENTITY) {
						if(Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.entityHit instanceof EntityBlaze) {
							Minecraft.getMinecraft().playerController.attackEntity(Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer, Minecraft.getMinecraft().objectMouseOver.entityHit);

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So fetch all of the entities in a given radius around the player and kill them, or attackEntityFrom with a player-based damage source. You can fetch all of the entities using World#getEntitiesWithinAABB(EntityBlaze.class, player.getEntityBoundingBox().expand(8, 8, 8)) or however far you want.


Do it on the server and it will be much faster by not eating up tons of bandwidth with packets.

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