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[1.7.10] Are there simple, well written, open source mods I can learn from?


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The tutorials are outdated, at least the ones that cover the basics. I know a bit already, but I really wanted to do more. someday I want to do mobs with machines that use RF and consume fluids. maybe even multiblock structures. but I have to start learning.


I'm not a complete noob. I have an intermediate java (not good at advanced topics like remoting, parallelism, database management, or weird stuff like closures and nested classes). I fully understand OOP , data structures, and all that.


I know a bit about modding, mostly because I used to frequent this forum when I was little. I just want a good series of updated tutorials or good uncomplicated source codes to look at (ideally both tutorials and source codes). Any suggestions?



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I know a few:

Jabelar's tutorials

TheGreyGhost tutorials (if they exist) + Minecraft By Example (open source example project showing most aspects of modding)

There are many many other tutorials or youtube videos. Just google!


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Thanks everyone! Great stuff so far. I will sure read all of the stuff you guys linked to me.


I started by the begining, with Jabelar's blog. So far I didn't have the chance to read much, but it seems to me the posts could have been organized in a more didatic order, from beginner to advanced, because that's how good knowledge is built: you lay out the foundations of basic knowledge upon which you stack layer after layer of come complex and advanced knowledge.


The other thing I noticed about his blog posts is that there's no way of knowing for sure when he's talking about 1.8 or 1.7.10. I'm interested only in 1.7.10. And that will make it a little harder, cause I will have to follow the tutorial only to find out it doesn't work, and then try and find another one elsewhere. but hey, finding out ways of how not to build a light bulb, right?


I'm sure I will learn a great deal from it and from all the rest of the resources you guys told me about. thanks again!

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So, this is Gumball here. This is my very old account from when I was little. My "Gumball" got summarily banned cause I asked a question about Minecraft Forge on a forum about Minecraft Forge. Go figure... anyway, send any new PMs about this thread to this profile. Thank you.

WIP mods: easyautomation, easyenergy, easyelectronics, easymoney, easytrasportation, easysecurity, easymultiverse, easyfactions, easymagick, easyalchemy, easyseasons

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