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What is a BakedQuad and how to create one


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Hi !


Everything is in the title. I think a BakedQuad is a "face" of a cube but I'm not sure.

I looked into Minecraft code and I found a method makeBakedQuad() in FaceBakery class. Should I use this or just "new BakedQuad()" ?

If yes, what do I put as arguments, because there is a lot of them.


Thanks in advance

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This link has a lot more info on block models

http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com.au/p/list-of-topics.html  (see the Blocks sections)


also this tutorial project has a section showing how to generate BakedQuads






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  // Creates a baked quad for the given face.

  // When you are directly looking at the face, the quad is centred at [centreLR, centreUD]

  // The left<->right "width" of the face is width, the bottom<-->top "height" is height.

  // The amount that the quad is displaced towards the viewer i.e. (perpendicular to the flat face you can see) is forwardDisplacement

  //  - for example, for an EAST face, a value of 0.00 lies directly on the EAST face of the cube.  a value of 0.01 lies

  //    slightly to the east of the EAST face (at x=1.01).  a value of -0.01 lies slightly to the west of the EAST face (at x=0.99).

  // The orientation of the faces is as per the diagram on this page

  //  http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/block-models-texturing-quads-faces.html

  // Read this page to learn more about how to draw a textured quad

  //  http://greyminecraftcoder.blogspot.co.at/2014/12/the-tessellator-and-worldrenderer-18.html



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I found it !


final class TexturesRegistrationHandler {

public void registerOverlays(TextureStitchEvent.Pre e) {

	assert !OresTexturizer.overlaysLocations.isEmpty() : "overlaysLocations is empty !";

	OresTexturizer.overlaysLocations.forEach(new BiConsumer<String, ResourceLocation>() {
		public void accept(String srt, ResourceLocation location) {
                // I need only this :

                // I removed this :
			TextureSprite tx = new TextureSprite(location);
			boolean done = e.map.setTextureEntry(srt, tx);

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