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1.8 forge wont let me keep drop items and...

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1.When ever I chop down wood or dig up stone it wont let me keep the items nor let me see them when I do dig or chop or anything.

2. My tools work to perfectly like my wooden pickaxe works better than it should like a perfect diamond one.

3. The four space furnaces that you should start out with to make the 9 furnace isn't there.

4. I run around to quickly without using sprint.


Now I just download minecraft today and it didn't do that but when I load this forge it made all this hiccups. I did the latest one on the website followed everything it said to do. I have not add any other mods yet I love too when this is fixed.


I have a windows 7 so I downloaded the installer-win one.


I am super new to minecraft and would love to play this game instead of watching everyone else on youtube. Any help would be indeedy be great ^^.


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