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[1.7.10] Get NBT player data for GUI Overlay


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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to make a kind of experience bar for my mod.

So I've created a RenderGameOverlayEvent event to show the Gui bar on screen, but to make it work, I need to access to the player NBT data to know how much xp does the player have.

I've tried

DataSaver props = DataSaver.get(this.mc.thePlayer);

but it only show the initial data define by the NBT class.(in this case 0, even if my player level is not 0)

Is there any way to do that?


Here is my code:



public class DataSaver implements IExtendedEntityProperties
public final static String EXT_PROP_NAME = "DataSaver";

private EntityPlayer player;

private int level, xplevel;

public DataSaver(EntityPlayer player)
	this.player = player;
	this.level = this.xplevel = 0;

public static void register(EntityPlayer player)
	player.registerExtendedProperties(DataSaver.EXT_PROP_NAME, new DataSaver(player));

public static DataSaver get(EntityPlayer player)
	return (DataSaver) player.getExtendedProperties(EXT_PROP_NAME);

public void saveNBTData(NBTTagCompound compound)

	NBTTagCompound properties = new NBTTagCompound();

	properties.setInteger("CurrentLevel", this.level);
	properties.setInteger("XpLelvel", this.xplevel);

	compound.setTag(EXT_PROP_NAME, properties);

// Load whatever data you saved
public void loadNBTData(NBTTagCompound compound)

	NBTTagCompound properties = (NBTTagCompound) compound.getTag(EXT_PROP_NAME);

	this.level = properties.getInteger("CurrentLevel");
	this.xplevel = properties.getInteger("XpLelvel");


public void init(Entity entity, World world)


public void printInfo()
	System.out.println("[Xp Player] XpTotal:" + this.xplevel);
	System.out.println("[Xp Player] Level:" + this.level);

public int returnXpLevel()
	return this.xplevel;

public int returnLevel()
	return this.level;

public void addXpToPlayer(int xp)
	int xptotal=this.xplevel;
	//Xp / mob: y=2 +(x/5)^1.902
	//Xp to up lvl y=10+(2+(x/5)^1.4)^3
	//Math.pow(a,b) => a^b
	//this.level=10+(int)Math.pow(Math.pow(xptotal/5, 1.4)+2, 1.4);
	this.level=(int)(5*Math.pow(Math.pow(xptotal-10, 0.333)-2, 0.714));
	else this.level=0;
	System.out.println("[Xp Player] Test equation:" + Math.pow(xptotal-10, 0.33));

	System.out.println("[Xp Player] XpTotal:" + this.xplevel);
	System.out.println("[Xp Player] Level:" + this.level);

public void resetxp()

	System.out.println("[Xp Player] XpTotal:" + this.xplevel);
	System.out.println("[Xp Player] Level:" + this.level);




public class GuiXpBar extends Gui

  private Minecraft mc;
  NBTTagCompound nbt;
  EntityPlayer p;
  private static final ResourceLocation texture = new ResourceLocation(RefStrings.MODID + ":" + "textures/gui/bar.png");

  public GuiXpBar(Minecraft mc)
    this.mc = mc;


  public void onRenderExperienceBar(RenderGameOverlayEvent event)

    if(event.isCancelable() || event.type != ElementType.EXPERIENCE)

    p = mc.thePlayer;
    nbt = p.getEntityData();

DataSaver props = DataSaver.get(this.mc.thePlayer);
        int xPos = 2;
  		int yPos = 2;

  		GL11.glColor4f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);

  		drawTexturedModalRect(xPos, yPos, 0, 0, 64, 5);

  		int xpbarwidth = (int)(((float) props.returnXpLevel() / props.returnLevel()) * 49);
  		//drawTexturedModalRect(xPos + 3, yPos + 3, 0, 9, xpbarwidth, 3);
  		String s = "Level:" + props.returnLevel();
  		yPos += 10;
  		this.mc.fontRenderer.drawString(s, xPos + 1, yPos, 0);
  		this.mc.fontRenderer.drawString(s, xPos - 1, yPos, 0);
  		this.mc.fontRenderer.drawString(s, xPos, yPos + 1, 0);
  		this.mc.fontRenderer.drawString(s, xPos, yPos - 1, 0);
  		this.mc.fontRenderer.drawString(s, xPos, yPos, 8453920);


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