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[1.8] Proper way to prevent block updates


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Is there a way to prevent a cluster of blocks to not update physics on the regular tick until I "release" them ?


The problem I am having is that I can cut portions of the map (set the block one at a time to "Air"), but there are a few caveats:


1. If I cut from the lowest to highest level (one block at a time), things that are supported (e.g. pressure plates on fences to look like tables) fall when their block below them is removed.


2. If I cut from highest to lowest, doors drop (they look like they have to be removed from the bottom or they drop onto the map).


Right now I use 2 passes to successfully remove things- 1st where not(isSolidCube) then anything else on the 2nd pass.


The problem child is doors- they are not(isFullCube) so get removed top down in pass 1 (which does not destroy it but harvest it and leaves it on the ground).


It would optimally be great to not allow the blocks to be updated until I have run through the delete loop. Not sure this is doable however.....

I don't keep an open mind lest someone try to fill it with garbage - Mark Twain

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Sorry that you think this is a double post- I think I can use THREE passes to totally remove all blocks. I'll update the other post with the solution I found as well.


1st- from bottom of selected cube to top- only blocks that are one blocklayer CUTOUT_MIPPED, or CUTOUT.


2nd- from top down to bottom of cube- blocks that are not FullCube


3rd- any left over.


This seems to clean it up (does not drop doors all over the place).


The reason I ask is that it seems strange that it appears you have to manipulate the blocks one at a time (in loops) and there is no batch processor where you can do them all then have the physics update after you have done what you want to do to those blocks.


Of course, for some strange reason Minecraft uses the Y axis as the 3rd dimension too, so I guess its par the course :D


I don't keep an open mind lest someone try to fill it with garbage - Mark Twain

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