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[SOLVED][1.7.10] Packet handling client error


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Hello everyone.

I've been working on a server to client packet recently. So I've done this:


public class SendBipedCostumes implements IMessage {

public Quintet<Float,String,String,Float,Float>[] modelsDeclaration;

public SendBipedCostumes() { }

    public SendBipedCostumes(Quintet<Float,String,String,Float,Float>[] modelsDeclaration) {
    	this.modelsDeclaration = modelsDeclaration;

    public void fromBytes(ByteBuf buf) {
        int size = Integer.parseInt(ByteBufUtils.readUTF8String(buf));
        ArrayList<Quintet<Float,String,String,Float,Float>> models = new ArrayList<Quintet<Float,String,String,Float,Float>>(); // new Object[size];
        for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) 
        	models.add(Quintet.with(buf.readFloat(), ByteBufUtils.readUTF8String(buf), ByteBufUtils.readUTF8String(buf), buf.readFloat(), buf.readFloat()));
        this.modelsDeclaration = models.toArray(new Quintet[models.size()]);

    public void toBytes(ByteBuf buf) {
    	ByteBufUtils.writeUTF8String(buf, String.valueOf(this.modelsDeclaration.length));
        for (Quintet<Float,String,String,Float,Float> v : this.modelsDeclaration) {
            //ByteBufUtils.writeUTF8String(buf, String.valueOf(v.getValue0()));
            ByteBufUtils.writeUTF8String(buf, v.getValue1());
            ByteBufUtils.writeUTF8String(buf, v.getValue2());
            //ByteBufUtils.writeUTF8String(buf, String.valueOf(v.getValue3()));
            //ByteBufUtils.writeUTF8String(buf, String.valueOf(v.getValue4()));
    public static class Handler implements IMessageHandler<SendBipedCostumes, IMessage> {
        public IMessage onMessage(SendBipedCostumes m, MessageContext ctx) {
        	LyokoCraftMod.proxy.sendBipedCostumeHandler(m, ctx);
        	return null;


It works perfectly in single player, the handler is executed with all the data it needs.

However, when I try to do it on a server, when the packet is sent, the client gets an error :


Internal Exception: io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException:

java.IOException: The received string length is longer than maximum allowed (25 > 20)


The server however just doesn't say anything.

The problem is that no parameter is 25 bytes long. Actually they all are pretty small. The longest one is 19 simple characters long.

I don't know anything about netty, but I figured out that the problem occurs when the client tries to understand the raw packet, but it keeps failing because 20 is an hardcoded maximal value.


Do you know how I could find a way out of that problem?

Thanks in advance!

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