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[1.8] Quick worldgen mod


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This is a simple mod that allows you to pre-generate chunks on a single-player world.


This is useful when

- You want to have chunks pre-generated for use in a multiplayer server

- You want to run an add-in program, such as MCDungeon, to add structures to your world

- You want to edit but with pre-generated terrain first


You need to be in Creative mode, and the server thread will appear to hang while the generation takes place (which is why you can't do it in multiplayer).


To use, install the mod, then set up the area to generate using


.  You can use any of these options to specify a circle or a rectangle area.

/worldgen radius
/worldgen x y radius
/worldgen x1 y1 x2 y2


/worldgen 0 0 1000

Finally use

 /worldgen go

to start the generation.  Progress logs will appear in the Minecraft log file and log window (if open).  A 1,000 block radius circle will take about 20min to generate but this varies considerably depending on CPU speed, memory, other installed mods, and so on.


I created this mod specifically to pre-gen large worlds for use with MCDungeon.  Note that people using Bukkit have a (much better) alternative in WorldBorder and WorldGuard; there do exist script-based solutions for Forge but I could find no Mod-based ones.


Feedback welcome.


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