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[1.8] Player UUID in free forged acount returning only Zero <Solved>


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good days

Im triying to make some kind of wololo Staff and its works well in eclipse

i can get control from wolfs and horses, as well as ocelotes 

but when compile and put the mod in normal forged Minecraft it does Not work


so i set some System.outs and find than


        UUID uuid = playerIn.getUniqueID();

        String Suuid = uuid.toString();                //playerIn.getUniqueID().toString();


is returning zero's


per example in eclipse it returns



but after compile in the game this is





is there  way to fix this, or at least another way to get the uuid from player  ??


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ñaaa mising topic

this is the normal minecraft you download from mojan, plus the forge for the mods

no any other hack or crack has been added to this instalation.

isay it becoze whith this set up i can't enter to servers and my player Name is always "Player" and think this could be relevant info


now going back to the topic

i use the command.

UUID uuid = playerIn.getUniqueID();



to get the uuid from the player and write it on the entities, this piece of code when runing on eclipse works perfect it return the uuid from the player whith that i could make me own entityes like horses an wolves and mi custom entities


but when compile the mod and run in the normal minecraft vainilla game the code return only Zeroes


bether explain showing  video

in this video the key is the green leters in the screen, this are the uuid from the player using the staff

the first part in eclipse, the second is in the runing vainilla game


and the code geting the uuid run only in the server side

so i think maiby is like minecraft mc only runing in the client side or something


?if its the case,  is some way i could get the player uuid in the server side ?






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Why does your launcher has a "Play Demo" button but the game isn't actually demo?

I think it is a bug in forge.

Something in forge allows free accounts to play normal minecraft, not demo. (But not in online-mod server)

I. Stellarium for Minecraft: Configurable Universe for Minecraft! (WIP)

II. Stellar Sky, Better Star Rendering&Sky Utility mod, had separated from Stellarium.

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Something in forge allows free accounts to play normal minecraft, not demo. (But not in online-mod server)

This is not a bug in forge and has nothing to do with forge. All that's preventing you to play (vanilla) Minecraft if you have not bought the game is the launcher. Which is why cracked launchers work, they are stupidly simple to make. The game itself does not care at all if you are logged in or not.


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Now is done for solved


i discover it don't cares


if i  do an

	NBTTagCompound targetNBT = target.getEntityData();
	String own = targetNBT.getString("OwnerUUID");
	UUID uuid = UUID.fromString(own);
     		ownerEntity = worldIn.getPlayerEntityByUUID(uuid);

it return the playerEntity when the uuid is "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000"


but i have to give up  to the idea of make the little maids change to tamed whith this staff

the maids has hers own way to set the Master entity

for that i must make mi mod ask for the  littlemaidMod as a dependency  i dont want that


it only gonna works whith vainilla wolves Horses and mi custom entityes

may later i do some changes to make the staff replace vainilla mobs for custom mob version that atack other mobs


well as is works anyway


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