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[Solved] 0 Coding knowledge, keeps giving me a java GUI error


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I've removed all the mods that had anything to do with the GUI or the map "THAT I CAN SEE," and as stated above i have 0 coding knowledge, so i can't find the cause and remove or fix it. All the below mods have been tested and played together on single player, so please no "They're not the same version" comments, please.


Mod list -

Actually Additions 1.8.9-r22

Blood Magic 1.8.9 2.0.0-4

Chameleon 1.8.8 0.2.0

Cosmetic Armor Reworked 1.8.9 v1

Crafting Table IV  1.8.9 1.2.79

ElecCore 1.8.9 1.4.210

End Ores 1.0 a.005

Ender Book 1.8.8 1.0.3

Ez Storage 1.8.8 1.2.1

Fast Leaf Decay 1.8

Furnus 1.8.9 1.6

Horse Upgrade Food 1.8.9 1.1.2

Infernal Mobs 1.8.8

Inventory Tweaks 1.60 def-28

Iron Backpacks 1.8 1.0.7

JEI 1.8.9

JEI Addons 1.8.9

Just Enough Resources 1.8.9 0.0.2

Morpheus 1.8.9 2.0.57

Packing Tape 1.8.9 0.3

Practicalities 1.8.9 2.0.0-b5

Random Things 1.8.8 1.7.2

Roguelike Dungeons 1.8.9 1.4.5

Storage Drawers 1.8.8 2.2.0

Thaumcraft 1.8.9 5.1.1

Thaumcraft Storage 1.8.9

Waila 1.8.8 1.6.0

Waila Harvestability 1.8.x 1.1.6

Wawla 1.8.x 1.4.1


Pastebin Crash-report



If you guys can gimme a hand, that'd be fantastic. Thanks for your time.

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This means one of your mods is either client-side only (can only be loaded on the client, and not the server), or one of them does not use proxies (doesn't know how to communicate with the server from the client). Perhaps the Cosmetic Armor Rework, but I'm not sure. You can either one: go to each mod page and check if they are client only. Or, two: Load each mod one by one to your server, and see which mod crashes it.

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