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[RESOLVED] Redstone Block Is Not Working

Mujun Kross

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I have been trying to make a block that will transmit a Redstone signal. This particular attempt is supposed to work like a solar panel and only create a redstone signal in sunlight.


The block is created and appears in the world however when you put redstone dust next to the block you get nothing. I have tried to follow what tutorials that I can find but there is not a lot out there when it comes to creating a block that transmits redstone.


I have attempted to copy the RedStoneTorch class but I cannot seem to make that one work. I seem to have some sort of issue with getting RedstoneUpdateInfo to sort itself out.


Please review my code and if anyone can give suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


I created a class called GenericBlock that inherits from Block. All block objects will inherit from the GenericBlock class. I wish to put basic code in the GenericBlock class to avoid duplication. I have cleaned up the code...anything that I copied from the RedStoneTorch class still has the original comments attached.


Java is not my strong suit...I am using this as a learning experience. I have gone through the forums here but with my lack of solid knowledge in Java it is very possible that I have already seen the help that I need but did not realize it.


Thanks for your help


GenericBlock.java ... http://pastebin.com/vHdJhH2i

PhotonicGenerator.java ... http://pastebin.com/d4634hKD

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