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[SOLVED] Transferring a modded map from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10 will shift the block ids


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Forge version: forge-1.7.10-

log file: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=B5B41F19975E4CD6!108046&authkey=!AN_3fLjE9lxsBqw&ithint=file%2clog


Hi guys, I have a problem to transfer my minecraft map from 1.6.4 to 1.7.10. I have to say that I tested it out one year ago and it was working, so I don't know what has been changed to forge or to my map.


I have a modded Cauldron 1.6.4 server and in the mean time I set up a forge 1.7.10 server with all the mods that were used on my old server. My main problem at the moment is the issue, that in 1.7.10 some block ids shift to a different figure. This will result in an ice world, because air turns into ice. When I try to load the map in singleplayer, it will turn wooden planks to ice for instance.


Is there anything I can do to port this map to 1.7.10 correctly? I mean I tried out to just load the map in 1.7.10 forge without any mod active and it turned out this way..

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Ok I fixed the issue. At first I set up a forge server on 1.6.4. Copied the map of the Cauldron Server to the forge server and ran the map. I then copied the map to the forge server on 1.7.10 and found out that the mod Chisel caused the game to swap block ids. So back on the forge server 1.6.4 I removed chisel there, ran the map and after that I copied the map to the forge server 1.7.10. Now all blocks seem to be normal. The only thing that I need to do now is to change the block ids of the modded blocks in 1.6.4 to avoid their disappearance in 1.7.10. This can be achieved with MCEdit. Thank you anyway.

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