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[Structure] Change "mods" folder location OR name with configuration


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I would like to change the folder name or location to play with more than one set of mods.


You could say that I can simply move or rename the folder to add another one; but, if you do that, you will mess up the mods folders or lose some of them! Moreover, unloading all the mods to reload another set takes some time plus the time to find the good folder if you renamed them all!

Also, include all the mods into one folder and select, in the menu, the mods that will be used is not the quickest way to choose, it's even slower when you play with 50 mods or more!


That's why, in my opinion, creating multiples "mods" folders in the "Minecraft" folder and simply choose the one we want to play with by changing a variable in the config or "in game" is a better idea than moving entire sets in and out.


We could add a line in the config "forge.cfg" in the folder "config" of the Minecraft folder.

An alternative, which is even quicker, for this method is to ask directly the player inside of the game. Example: in the mods menu.


In any ways, if the "Loader" (package:"net.minecraftforge.fml.common") class is still used, using Forge ver., changing the "mods" string in line 411:


File modsDir = new File(minecraftDir, "mods");

into a variable like


File modsDir = new File(minecraftDir, modsFileName);

with the variable asked in a menu or written in the config would be a solution.


Why this would be useful?


Imagine you are playing Minecraft with two sets of mods containing 50+ mods and you want to switch the mod set to another (because I assume that you're playing two different worlds with two different "mods" folders), you would, preferably, just change a variable in the Option menu and wait for the loading of all the mods (like the Textures/Ressources pack) than what I said earlier (moving/renaming folders)!

You would save time for gameplay.

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