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Redstone Item Filter does not filter but transform items


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I found a bug inside my redstone circuit


I also tried it in vanilla client and there it worked liked expected


I tried to build an item filter with hoppers and chests


I got the building instructions from http://minecraft-bauideen.de/Item-Sortiermaschine ... sorry but it's only in german and i found no english description and i'm to lazy to translate the complete text.

But i build a world with a simple version of the construct




Expected result was everything i stuck into the input chest should be moved to another chest, except iron ingots those should be filtered out


As i said vanilla works as expected.


But Forge transforms EVERYTHING i stuck in the input chest into iron ingots...


Running SP and MP 1.8.9- ... i'm aware that this version is a few days old, but i think this bug is exotic enough to not be fixed by now ;)

But it is to late not to install a new version

i will have a look at a current version tomorrow

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